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Au Fait Mama Breastfeeding T-Shirts

by Joshana McMahon |

I'm so exciting to share the Au Fait Mama Breastfeeding Tops with all of you. 

They have all been designed to give you easy access to the breast for nursing in a garment that isn't obviously for breastfeeding. No one will know except you and your baby!

The nursing access is a pull down style neckline that will return to its original shape time and time again. To nurse simply unclip your nursing bra and pull down the neckline with one hand, leaving the other free to hold your baby.

The shirt long body is designed to cover the postpartum stomach and back even during playtime on the floor. The hip band detail helps to keep your shirt from riding up on you during the day. This long body and the extra stretch in the fabric allows you to wear these shirts maternity also!

All of the shirts are proudly made in Vancouver, BC, Canada out of Bamboo jersey, come in sizes XS-XL, and in Black, Dark Brown and White.

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