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Our Story

Au Fait Mama was created by a mother for mothers. We are dedicated to providing you with breastfeeding apparel that grows with you from maternity to nursing and beyond.

. . .

When I look back on my personal journey I realize that the groundwork was laid early. As a young girl, I spent endless hours drawing pictures of clothes. I had books filled with floral blouses, asymmetrical bathing suits and over the top ball gowns. I know my mother wasn't surprised, in the least, when I announced that I wanted to go to fashion design school. 

In 1997 I graduated from the Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design and was drawn into the world of film. I loved the glitz and glamour of the industry, but also saw a wonderful opportunity to be part of a larger creative process. I never realized how much my experiences on and off set would contribute to my wealth of knowledge. Over my 10 year career, I have met and worked with incredible people, while having more fun than I ever thought possible.

When I became pregnant, I knew my life would change dramatically, but always anticipated returning to my career in film. The birth of my son transformed everything. I knew I would not leave my wonderful little guy and return to my 14 hour a day work life. A change had to be made! Through my own challenges with breastfeeding and my desire to create better work life balance for my family, I began to dream of solutions that would support women breastfeeding.

Balance and Agility in Everyday Life

Today I've created a line of breastfeeding tops that will allow mother's to breastfeed without sacrificing their own personal style and comfort. I'm so excited to share these tops with my fellow breastfeeding moms. I hope that they will help them feel better about themselves, breastfeed easier and longer.

Quality Fabrics, Locally Sourced

Proudly made for you in Vancouver, Canada